A great site for those who love to hunt, fish, make sausage, cook, grill, and use that smoker!!


Christmas is coming up and time for some Swedish sausage.  This tasty sausage is great anytime but I do make it mostly for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  Check out the Homemade Sausage page for step by steps on how to make this popular sausage.

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  1. Rheinhart, I look forward to your weekly Meat Price. One my first checks on
    a Sunday morning.
    Excellent website; as well.


  2. Reinhard,
    Made the 3 lb. batch, and it turned out great. I didn’t have white pepper, and didn’t know what the difference would be, so I used black instead. At first it had a pretty strong pepper flavor, but it seemed to mellow with each sausage we ate. Anyway, I think you nailed it, both my wife and I loved it, and will make it again.
    Thanks for the recipe.

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