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I really do not like to post sad new on here, but there are times that I believe stories like this have to be posted. This guy who did this needs to be punished and by that I don’t mean the typical slap on the hand. I don’t know what the punishment for this is but for me it cant be enough. There is no reason to be chasing down a deer on the water or any wildlife on the water. Animal cruelty has many forms, and all forms of it should be addressed by more sever penalty’s than we have now. The person who did this most likely has other issues besides enjoying seeing a animal suffer. I hope the authority’s make sure that this individual never does this again. Here is the story: http://www.wday.com/news/3843772-boater-chases-deer-death-minnesota-harassing-it-drowns.


Like a little tang in your sausage? Well check out my Homemade Sausage Page and see my new recipe for Salami. I used beef this time around but I also stated the formula for using venison. I have other recipe’s for sausage also, so check it out and plan or get started on making some of these delicious sausages for the upcoming deer season, holidays, or just to have some for snacks, meals, or just on the fresh backed bun.





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