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Tired of spending all that money on light smoked Canadian Bacon in the grocery stores?  I haven’t spent a dime on any for many years.  I just finished smoking two 5 pound boneless pork loins the other day in a very simple process.  All you need is in my Smokin Hot page to make this tasty smoked Canadian bacon.  Time to get that smoker going.  Let’s make smoking and grilling great again.





I make sausage all year long,  but Swedish sausage is usually a holiday sausage for me.  I made some a few days ago and I have to say I have to make this more often.  It took me two years to get this recipe right and finally got to where my taste buds approved.  Check out my Homemade Sausage page to get the step by step methods for one pound or 10 pound batches.  Let me know how you like it.




The DNR has scheduled a confiscated equipment auction on Saturday, April 29, 2017.  The auction will be open to the public.  All types of confiscated equipment related to hunting, fishing and trapping will be offered for sale including, firearms and archery equipment.

Please note: Anyone purchasing a firearm will be required to pass a background check.

The auction is being held at:

Hiller Auction Service

10705  261st Avenue

Zimmerman, MN


A list of firearms and bows being offered for sale will be available approximately one month in advance by visiting the auction website.


Yes it is!!!  Bowhunter’s are out and soon I along with many others will be hoping for venison when firearms season starts.  I’ll be out at deer camp for 5 days,  enjoying the company of family and friends,  and sitting around the campfire at night.  Telling tall tales which some of those may even be true.  To me harvesting some venison is a bonus along with the most important part, just being there.


So, if you do harvest a deer and you are interested in making sausage, check out my Homemade Sausage page.  It has step by step instructions that will be helpful to you in making some very tasty sausage.  Have a great and safe hunt everyone.  Here are a few pics of venison Polish that I made a couple of days ago.





Deer Lotteries Results

I know I am and I’m sure all of you that are wondering if you got picked for a deer lottery permit are wondering if you have been picked.  I was one who was.  Check out this site and see if you were one of the lucky one’s.  https: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/licenses/lotteries/antlerless.html.  Good Luck


My favorite time of the year is upon us soon.  First thing is to apply for a lottery permit.  Firearms and muzzleloader hunters who want to harvest antlerless deer in a deer permit area designated as lottery this hunting season are reminded they must purchase their license and apply for an antlerless permit by Thursday, Sept. 8.

This season, antlerless deer permits are issued by lottery in 67 of Minnesota’s 128 deer permit areas.  Antlerless deer are without an antler at least 3 inches long.  No application is needed to take antlerless deer in permit areas designated as hunters choice, managed or intensive harvest areas.

Hunters who want to participate in special firearm deer hunts also need to apply for permits that are issued by lottery, and the application deadline is Sept. 8.

More information on deer permit areas and special hunts is available in the 2016 Minnesota Hunting and Trapping Regulations Handbook, found online at http://www.mndnr.gov/hunting/deer.


Yes they are and finally the regulations are out for this year.  Some of you will have the same regulations and some like me have had a change made.  I hunt in area 180 and last year we were bucks only.  This year we are lottery again.  Still can only shoot one deer, a buck or a doe with a lottery tag.  You must apply for the lottery tag by September 8th.  Firearms deer season is my favorite time of the year.  For me it’s just being out there and if I do harvest a deer, well that’s just a bonus for me.  Plus some venison to eat and sausage to make from  it as well.  Check out your area here: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/hunting/deer/index.html .

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