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Fishing Licence Notice

Minnesota fishing licence expires at midnight tonight the 28th of February. Get ready for another great season today or before the next time you decide to get out.  Plenty of ice for awhile yet with many areas having close to 25 to 30 inches of ice.  The recent heavy snow created problems for most vehicles traffic on area lakes.  Snowmobiles are the ticket right now unless you go to areas where the snow is packed down or someone was nice enough to plow a road out to fishing locations.  Good Luck to all and be safe.  Reinhard


Making Sausage

IMG_0011 IMG_0012


Deer Camp

Deer Camp

Something i look forward to every year. Here Erik, Clay, and Don are celebrating the day before the opener. Always a few beers to go around. I’ll be posting this in the hunting section as soon as i get it set up with many more pics to come. Just thought i’d test a pic on my site.

Welcome to my site!!

I would like to welcome you to my site.  My goal is to share my love of the outdoors and cooking a variety of tasty meals.  Minnesota has a lot to offer for everyone.  I will key on fishing and hunting in this great state, primarily the Arrowhead region.

I have spent most of my life fishing and hunting in the arrowhead region of the state and will share photo’s from the past and present.  Also i hope to give you great information on many lakes and rivers to aid you in a better outdoor experience.

I was a meat cutter for over 35 years and love to play with my smoker, grill, and of course my grinder to make a variety of fresh and smoked sausage.  Will be sharing recipe’s for sausage and step by step instructions for you to make your own.  So, so much to put on here, and so much to learn about posting.  Hope you bear with me until i get the hang of it.  Thanks, Reinhard.


Tasty Smoked Tullibees

Tasty Smoked Tullibees

What better ways to spend on a cold day than cranking up that smoker. Four hours in the smoker at 190 deg. and the fish reached an internal temp of 155 deg and they were done. Moist and very tasty.

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