A great site for those who love to hunt, fish, make sausage, cook, grill, and use that smoker!!

Welcome to my site!!

I would like to welcome you to my site.  My goal is to share my love of the outdoors and cooking a variety of tasty meals.  Minnesota has a lot to offer for everyone.  I will key on fishing and hunting in this great state, primarily the Arrowhead region.

I have spent most of my life fishing and hunting in the arrowhead region of the state and will share photo’s from the past and present.  Also i hope to give you great information on many lakes and rivers to aid you in a better outdoor experience.

I was a meat cutter for over 35 years and love to play with my smoker, grill, and of course my grinder to make a variety of fresh and smoked sausage.  Will be sharing recipe’s for sausage and step by step instructions for you to make your own.  So, so much to put on here, and so much to learn about posting.  Hope you bear with me until i get the hang of it.  Thanks, Reinhard.

Comments on: "Welcome to my site!!" (12)

  1. Looking good!

  2. Good luck with this new venture, Reinhard! You know so much about fishing, smoking and the outdoors. Thanks for sharing! JIm

  3. Duane Spicer said:

    Thought I’d check out your new site RH I tried to register and got notified that dew2 was taken already.Maybe dew2 is thought to be dewey and the site cant tell the difference? I’ll try again.Cant get to many different user names I forget what sites they are associated with so I keep it simple.

    • Glad you checked it out. Lot’s of stuff to add yet. I’ve been writing my user names down. I better get them together on one page so I wont loose track of them LOL. Thanks for stopping by. I may get caught up by the end of the year LOL. Wont be long and i’ll pay for updating this site to make it more user friendly but so far so good. Reinhard

  4. Hey RH! Checkin out your new site, looks good & look forward to more of your great recipes/cookin! FYI- I’ll leave out certain issues I’m known for in LSF, lol…

    • Glad you like it so far Wally!! Just got back from jury duty. Didn’t catch on to a criminal trial today but still got one more week to go. Ya, lot’s of stuff to go yet on this site. I bet I got 300 or so fishing pics yet to post and more smokin and sausage stuff. After I get this thing rolling I may start a forum page also, but that will probably be a year from now. Reinhard

  5. johnd1961 said:

    Best of luck with your new site Reinhard. I will be sure to pass it on to others. Love your cooking and smoking recipe’s and look forward to learning more. Thanks and Good luck to ya!

    • Thanks John!! Lot’s more to do yet. Hope to get my son-in law out here to make the site a little more user friendly so everything is not all on one page. My computer skills are limited LOL. This coming deer season I’m hoping to get a deer so I can video a very detailed cutting process of all the venison cuts and what you can do with them. Thanks again. Reinhard

  6. Hey Reinhard! Just found this, and thought I’d drop you a note! This is McGurk from HSO/Fishing Minnesota. Sure miss your input over there, but glad to see you are still around!

    • Glad you found the site. I do look at HSO on the cooking site and have been helping out through PM’s. Still keep in touch with a few of the guy’s there. I may come back and post on HSO but I need to have my site on my signature so it’s easier to refer the guy’s on that site rather to repeat myself when the same questions are asked. Lake State Fishing is letting me put my site on my signature there which works out great. Keep that smoker going Reinhard

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