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Yes they are and finally the regulations are out for this year.  Some of you will have the same regulations and some like me have had a change made.  I hunt in area 180 and last year we were bucks only.  This year we are lottery again.  Still can only shoot one deer, a buck or a doe with a lottery tag.  You must apply for the lottery tag by September 8th.  Firearms deer season is my favorite time of the year.  For me it’s just being out there and if I do harvest a deer, well that’s just a bonus for me.  Plus some venison to eat and sausage to make from  it as well.  Check out your area here: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/hunting/deer/index.html .


Heavy storms in northern Minnesota hit several state parks knocking out power and temporarily closing some overnight facilities.  Itasca State Park received the most damage.Heavy storms and damaging winds in northern Minnesota downed trees and knocked out power in several state parks and recreation areas including Itasca State Park early Thursday.

No injuries have been reported.  DNR staff are still assessing state parks, trails, water accesses, roads and facilities in the northern half of the state for potential damage.  Visitors are reminded to check online at http://www.mndnr.gov/closures for updates on current conditions and closures before traveling.  With power and telephone lines down, updates will be made as soon as possible.

Visitors should beware of dangers posed by the aftermath of the storm, such as downed or uprooted trees, other debris on trails and at accesses, and localized flooding.  The DNR is alerting guests with camping and lodging reservations impacted by closures.

The Itasca State Park remains open for day use.  The north and south entrances are open, but the east entrance is temporarily closed.  Visitors are encouraged to use caution because parks and trails crews are busy cleaning up downed trees and other damage.

Most of the park’s public buildings, including cabins, the lodge and the visitor center are temporarily closed.  Power and phone lines are out at this time.  Camping and lodging availability will be assessed daily.  It is best to go online http://www.mndnr.gov/itasca for the latest updates and current conditions.


Minnesota’s ruffed grouse spring drumming counts were up 18% statewide this year compared to last year, according to a survey conducted by the DNR.  Ruffed grouse populations tend to rise and fall on a 10 year cycle and counts this year are typical of what’s expected during the rising phase of the cycle.

Drumming is a low sound produced by males as they beat their wings rapidly and in increasing frequency to signal the location of their territory.  Drumming displays also attract females that are ready to begin nesting.  Ruffed grouse populations are surveyed by counting the number of ruffed grouse heard drumming on established routes throughout the stat’s forested regions.

Drumming counts are an indicator of the ruffed grouse breeding population.  The number of birds present during the fall hunting season also depends upon nesting success and chick survival during the spring and summer.  For the past 67 years, DNR biologists have monitored ruffed grouse populations.  This year, DNR staff and cooperators from 14 organizations surveyed 126 routes across the state.  Grouse season opens Sept. 17.

To count sharp tailed grouse, observers look for males displaying on traditional mating areas, which are called leks or dancing grounds.  The average number of sharp tailed grouse was similar this year compared to 2015, but may be at a decline when considering changes in the number of leks counted or changes at the same leks counted in both years.


There were a couple of big muskies  caught recently.  Fish of a lifetime, some would say.




Andrew Slette cought this massive musky on Pelican Lake, in Otter Tail County.  It is believed to tie the state record.  Andrew did release the fish.  It was 57 inches long.




This was a 52 inch musky caught by Sean Bertie of Blaine Minnesota.  Sean did not say where he caught this beauty.


Yes we had a great vacation up north last week.  We went to Ash Riviera Resort and RV Park.  It is located on the Ash River Trail which is a gateway to Kabetogama Lake and more.  Great resort and it sure is a place to get into some nice fish.  There is a slot there of keeping walleye’s  17 inches and under.  Not a problem for us at all.  We did however catch more over the slot than under.  Lot of walleye’s over 20 inches the week I was there.

The real bonus here are the perch as you will see in the pictures.  This has to be the place for jumbo perch.  Many between 12 and 14 inches, with bodies like footballs.  They made up our fish fry’s.  I was just amazed by the numbers and the size of  these perch.  What a place for smallmouth as well.  Haven’t caught any  under 15 inches.  I will post more pics in my Where To Go page but here are some.


IMG_0447 (1)

That walleye up on top and to the left was 15 inches, so you can see how big these perch are that we caught.


Nice smallmouth my daughter caught.  20 inches.



Many walleye’s like this one in the 20 to 22 inch range.



Amazing perch fishing.  Mid day was the best for these jumbo’s.



Nice catch heading for the cleaning shack.  Great time.

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