A great site for those who love to hunt, fish, make sausage, cook, grill, and use that smoker!!

Thanks for visiting my site, I appreciate it very much.  As you know I am a long time poster there.  Since the change there it seems like they don’t answer their emails.  I have tried to log on but it’s been a week and they still do not answer the email because I can’t log on.  So I would appreciate it if someone who visits here to let them know it’s not just me that can’t get on but I bet many more.   Thanks Reinhard.

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  1. I got your note from Snow, I didn’t lie The last thing on this site besides the LSF comment is Dec 2017 so That’s what I said. I left Mike a note and hope you can log into LSF. DIdnt meant to say something to upset you but unless I am missing something you haven’t posted on either site……..Call or drop me a note anytime. we miss you on LSF………Kirk

    • My last post on my site was the one about why I can’t get on LSF and it speaks for itself and is true. The reason I haven’t posted on LSF is because I cant get on the site. I put my correct user name and password. It would not accept it, so I tried making a new one and after doing that it said that I will get a message on my email for some kind of code to use and to this day I have never got one. Mike’s son wanted me to friend him on Facebook. So I did. Told him what happened and he never got back to me so I’m not going to waste my time anymore. I put to much effort on LSF to be treated like this. You have been nothing but good on there but the owner will make LSF go down. I have told others to join LSF and they said they could not log on with the same problem so they went somewhere else. I think with Mossy, Mike sees him as free advertising for his business and dropped him in my opinion. Could be the same with me and my personal site. However I don’t advertise anything and it’s a hobby for me and as far as I know I have no ad’s on there and don’t make a dime. So I’m no on there selling stuff, just helping out those who want help with tips. Reinhard

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