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I really do not like to post sad new on here, but there are times that I believe stories like this have to be posted. This guy who did this needs to be punished and by that I don’t mean the typical slap on the hand. I don’t know what the punishment for this is but for me it cant be enough. There is no reason to be chasing down a deer on the water or any wildlife on the water. Animal cruelty has many forms, and all forms of it should be addressed by more sever penalty’s than we have now. The person who did this most likely has other issues besides enjoying seeing a animal suffer. I hope the authority’s make sure that this individual never does this again. Here is the story: http://www.wday.com/news/3843772-boater-chases-deer-death-minnesota-harassing-it-drowns.

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  1. Hi Reinhard,
    I am going to give Swedish Sausage recipe a try. I have enjoyed reading your recipes and your great knowledge of cooking, smoking, etc. My question is if it is alright to leave the meat mixture in the fridge overnight? I did a little twist of your recipe and added some garlic. I have read many times that you will add garlic to many of your dishes you prepare.

    Thanks again for sharing,

    • Thank you for your kind words Jamie!! Yes it’s OK to leave the mix overnight. I do it with most of my sausage. Ya, I’m big on garlic LOL. I’ve thought of adding garlic to the Swedish recipe myself. I think I will next time even though I like it as it is. Thanks, Reinhard.

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