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That time of the year again, and just in case you are wondering:

Fishing Dates To Remember

Saturday May 14;  Minnesota fishing opener for walleye and northern pike, and stream trout in lakes; bass opener in northeast; bass catch-and -release season opens statewide except northeast.

Saturday,  May 28: Bass season opens statewide

Saturday, June 4; Muskellunge season opener

Friday, June 10, to Sunday, June 12; Take a Kid Fishing Weekend

You can already fish for panfish, trout in streams, catfish and a variety of other species.  Going to be a great year!!!

DNR  To Implement Northeast Deer Permit Area Changes In 2017

Public response to a proposal to re-align a handful of deer permit areas in the northeast part of the state has prompted the Minnesota DNR to wait to implement the change in 2017.  The agency made the proposal and asked for public comment about it earlier this year, with possible implementation as soon as this fall.  However, comments on the proposal showed that the information presented did not clearly explain the reasons for the proposed changes, implications for deer populations and potential health benefits for moose.

Prior to the 2017 deer hunting seasons the DNR will:

Clarify the agency’s overall goals for moose management and how the proposal supports that work.

Provide detailed deer population estimates and trends, detailed deer harvest reports by permit area, public survey information, and 2015 deer goal setting process and outcomes.

Describe how the proposal would maintain current deer populations in the moose emphasis areas, and increase deer populations elsewhere in the region.

Better explain the relationship of habitat, winter weather and predation to both deer and moose.  In addition, data being collected from ongoing studies at the University of Minnesota investigating deer and moose, as well as wolf and moose interactions, will be integrated into these efforts.

I hunt these areas so I will pay attention to future information on this.


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