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Went up the North Shore again last Tuesday.  Met up with my brother Ed on Tuesday for a full day of fishing for steelhead and loopers [kamloops rainbow].  Was a bit on the chilly side with temps in the 30’s.  The fish are in the streams now.  I lost a very nice looper that would have gone an easy 8 pounds.  Tried to bank the fish and two feet from shore it said good by to me.

I seen fish swirling and rolling in the pools, and almost stepped on one crossing a stream as it was trying to make it’s way up to the next pool.  My brother did catch a nice one that he gave to me for smoking.  We had fish on during the day, but only catching that one nice rainbow.  So if your planning to go after these fine fish now is the time.  Should be good next week as well.  Here are some pictures of the day.


My bad on the picture.  Should have had Ed face the sun but you can make out the nice trout Ed is holding.


You can see the well beaten path next to this stream that has been used for years by anglers for this spring spawning run.  According to my phone I walked 3 miles that day and it was no walk in the park with the many hills, rocks, logs, and more.  But I love it.


Tail end of pools are often great places to fish for steelhead and loopers.


Rivers were flowing well and the fish were in.  Great time of the year.

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