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Deer hunters are reminded about changes in 2015 that affect when licenses purchased after a season is open are valid. A deer hunting license purchased after a season is open is valid the same day of purchase if purchased prior to legal shooting hours. If the license is purchased after legal shooting hours, then the license is valid the following day.

“The language is unclear in the 2015 Minnesota Hunting and Trapping regulations Handbook about when deer hunting licenses are valid, so we want to elaborate on this,” said Steve Merchant, wildlife populations and regulations manager. What changed from last year? Last year, hunters needed to wait two days to hunt if they bought a deer license after a season opened. Also, there was no ability to buy a license before shooting hours and hunt that same day.

Deer licenses can be purchased at DNR license agents across Minnesota, by phone at 888-665-4236 or online at http://www.mndnr.gov/buyalicense. For lists of license agents in each Minnesota county, see http://www.mndnr.gov/licenses/agents.html. There are additional fees for telephone and Internet transactions. Hunters who purchase licenses by phone and Internet will receive their deer license and tags by mail, which can take three to five business days to arrive, so hunters who choose these options should allow enough time for delivery. Hunters must have a valid deer license and tag in their possession when hunting deer. Hunters need to be familiar with deer hunting regulations, which are available at any DNR license agent or online at http://www.mndnr.gov/regulations/hunting.

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