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As of today April 13, conditions have improved as far as the rivers getting ice free [still some isolated spots]. With the rain yesterday, the rivers are still low, but the water is getting stained somewhat from run-off. My brother had a rainbow on in the Knife River but lost it, so some fish are coming up the streams. Fishing was very slow, and we still need more water flow.

He fished a few other streams with no luck except he did land a small steelhead [about 2 1/2 pounds] and a 12 inch brook trout fishing with spawn bags under a bobber, drifting the steams. Both fish released. He caught these two trout at the Gooseberry River. People are still getting some loopers off shore near river mouth’s and some are out with boats when the weather permits. So we need more rain to get a decent run.

People that have fished for loopers and steelhead over the years know that these run’s are not consistent even under good conditions at times. Normally after a good rain, a good run happens. Timing is everything most of the time. I’ll be probably going up next week rain or no rain. I just want to be there, getting a fish, is a bonus for me. I have fished the north shore since the early 60’s. Never get tired of it. The challenge of trying to be smarter than the trout, and the beauty of the north shore. It will always be that my heart belongs to the Arrowhead and all it has to offer.


  1. Thanks for the update!! Good luck next week. Hope you catch some for the smoker☺.

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