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As of today, April 9th, the Lower North Shore Streams are very low and still have ice in areas of the shorelines. The water is not only low but is running very clear. This makes for slim chances of any decent run of these fine fish any time soon. My brother[Ed] fished the Jaap pool under London Rd, which was open and ice free, for two hours and had no luck at all. There was a couple of other fishermen there to try their luck with the same results.

Driving up the shore he saw the same conditions with low water and ice on the shorelines of the streams. One stream was still locked in ice. The Knife River was very low with ice on some of the shorelines. Most of the areas from the Green House pool up the the Sucker Hole were open to do some fishing but the water was to low and clear to even try. So we need some good rain to get the fish moving.

Shore casting with spoons and fishing with crawlers seems to do some good near river mouth’s and the shorelines. The Lift Bridge pier in Duluth on the Park Point side has anglers catching a few coho’s on crawlers off bottom. However the action is still slow there. We need rain up there and hopefully by the end of next week conditions will pick up. Reinhard

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