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Northeastern Minnesota hunters will feel the greatest impact from a bucks-only season. In bucks- only areas, no antlerless deer may be harvested by any hunter, including those with archery or youth licenses. Most of these areas are now below goal and that this year’s conservative approach is consistent with the DNR’s long-term commitment to manage deer populations at established goal levels.

It’s been many years for me since I have seen a bucks-only season. I’ve seen many good years up north where I hunt and a few years when no venison came home. We have had a couple of severe winters in the Arrowhead area of Minnesota. Last winter was one of the worst I have seen with the heavy snow and bitterly cold temps. I believe those conditions affected the deer herd in a negative way for sure.

However, firearms deer season is more than bringing home the venison or maybe a trophy buck. It is to be with good friends and enjoy what the outdoors have to offer. Always good times and many memories. I hunt in area 180. I’ll go up to my area in the fall to scout the area and check for signs. Hopefully we have some “normal” winters for a few years and get that herd back up there. Here is the site you want to go to to check for the 2014 regulation and the information for your area http://www.mndnr.gov/hunting/deer/index.html  .

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