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New trout fishing regulations that took effect July 14 expand oportunities for anglers and simplify regulations in southeastern Minnesota, the DNR said. The regulations extend catch and release seasons in eight southeastern Minnesota counties and seven trout streams in Minnesota state parks. Barbless hooks are no longer required. And beginning Jan. 1, 2015, southeast Minnesota streams are open in winter to cacatch and release trout fishing.

“The new regulations make trout, fishing more accessible and easier to understand,” said Brad Parsons, central region fisheries supervisor. “Anglers will be able to catch and release trout for more of the year and in more streams.” Southeastern Minnesota counties included in the regulations are Dodge, Fillmore, Goodhue, Houston, Mower, Olmsted, Wabasha and Winona. If anglers plan to fish for trout, they need to check to see if there are any special regulations, including slot limits and required use of artificial lures and flies, for the stream where they plan to fish.

In state parks, the regulations include the following waters: East Beaver Creek in Beaver Creek Valley State Park; Forestville Creek in Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park; Canfield Creek in Forestvill/mystery Cave State Park; South Branch Root River in Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park; Trout Run Creek in White water State Park and Middle Branch Whitewater River in Whitewater State Park.

2014 Trout Seasons

In southeastern Minnesota, the fall catch and release season on trout streams has been extended. The season starts Monday, Sept. 15 following the end of the currently open harvest season and runs through Wednesday, Oct, 15. The harvest season is the period during which anglers may keep trout.

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