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Some Fishing Opener News

The 2014 fishing opener on Leech Lake is expected to be excellent, according to the Minnesota DNR.  This year, those targeting Leech Lake as their opener destination will also be pleased to find increased opportunity for walleye harvest.  Beginning Saturday, May 10, a relaxed protected slot limit for walleye will be in effect allowing anglers to keep walleye up to 20 inches long.  All walleye 20 to 26 inches long must be immediately returned to the water.  The limit of four walleye with one longer than 26 inches allowed in possession has remained unchanged.

Mille  Lacs New Pike Regs

Mille Lacs anglers can keep 10 northern pike, including one longer than 30 inches, which represents and increase of seven fish more than last year’s limit on Mille Lacs.  The DNR announced the new regulations this year along with others that can be seen at  www.mndnr.gov/fishing/millelacs.  

Cook County Area

The Minnesota DNR is seeking public input this summer on experimental walleye regulation being considered for Saganaga, Sea Gull, and Gull lakes and the Sea Gull River.  All are in Cook County on or near the Minnesota Ontario border.  Regulations may include a 17 inch minimum size limit and a bag limit of three fish, with only one fish over 20 inches allowed. 

These regulations are being considered in response to concerns from anglers over a lack of smaller walleye in these waters, coupled with DNR assessment data showing declines in the number of walleye of all sizes present. Questions and comments can be directed to the DNR fisheries office in Grand Marais at 218-387-3056, or Steve Persons, Grand Marais area fisheries supervisor, at steve.persons@state.mn.us.

Comments on: "Some Fishing Opener News" (3)

  1. ed thamm said:

    Loopers (rainbows) spawning in lower portions of rivers. Hard to make them bite. Smelt are in.
    Mouth of the French had some rally good days. Early mornings are the best. Some still have skeins instead of loose eggs.
    Going u[p north (Two Harbors to Grand Marais) this week. Fishing is still good. Must decide between walleyes and rainbows…….

  2. ed thamm said:

    Area lakes still cold and some of the walleyes caught in area lakes still had running milt and eggs. Lakes are high and reservoirs have the dam gates roaring. Fish shallow and near shore. If you find biters you will do real well! Evening fishing is best bet. Shore fishermen seem to be doing the best on the bigger lakes. Minnows, suckers and chubs. Leeches good, if you need to. Reinhard’s favorite lake is producing 14″ to 18″ incher stringers….word is out.

    • Thanks Ed for the report. I think there will be a good walleye bite right through June up north with this late spring.

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