A great site for those who love to hunt, fish, make sausage, cook, grill, and use that smoker!!

Things are picking up on the North Shore.  My brother hit the streams on the Lower North Shore over the weekend and picked up a few steelhead and loopers [ Loopers or Kamloops,  belong to the Rainbow Trout Family].  The streams are still dirty with a good flow of water.  He’s drifting spawn bags he ties himself under a snap on bobber, adjusted for the depth of the water he is fishing.  The snow has gone away from the shorelines of the streams with areas of snow still in the woods.  Time for me to head up!!! Remember all steelhead have to be released.  Loopers have a adipose fin removed so you can tell the difference.  Steelhead will have all of their fins.

Comments on: "North Shore Looper and Steelhead Run" (6)

  1. Great site!
    The sausage and Canadian bacon samples I tasted were delicious! All my friends liked them also….
    I will bring you some trout to smoke. Better yet, come up to the N. Shore and catch your own. Fish are comeing in now.

  2. ed thamm said:

    Weekend was nice to be out on the n.shore streams! From Duluth’s Lester River to the Gooseberry , Hgw. 61 was busy. Water was high on Saturday. Drew down fast by Sunday. Fish were in spawning mode. On a couple of streams, Rainbows were rolling and chasing each other within 6ft. of me. They weren’t interested in taking the baits. Did manage to to take a “looper” each day..Knife River is a good bet now. The smaller rivers were hit hard. Most fisher(men) stayed 2o minutes or so and left without fish. I saw persons who stayed, kept their boots out of the water, and caught fish….One lady caught two, a steelhead and a looper on a small jig, bobber (strike indicator, as the fly fish boys call them) and spawn bag….

  3. ed thamm said:

    Rivers are dropping nicely. Managed to catch two clipped and dark fish north of Grand Marais. Rainbows and Steelhead in all the rivers. Saw one of the biggest Steelhead , well over 10+ Lbs spawning with a couple of smaller 5-6 pounders in a pool below the highway 61. Spooked them into the culvert below the highway. Tried the tailout into L. Superior and caught a 22″, 5lb Brook Trout, Coaster. This was on a spawnbag below a bobber (strike indicator). Until I saw the orange deep purple fins, I thought I was fighting a steelhead.
    Some of the above action was within 20 miles, north of Grand Marais. Seek and ye shall find.
    Will head up north again this coming week. The fishing should still be great as the larger rivers will be more readily wadeable. Wood ticks and mosquitos will keep me company.

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