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Andover, Minnesota

Bio: Hello, my name is Reinhard. I am a retired meat cutter after 35 years on the job. Love my family, friends, hunting, fishing, cooking, grilling, smokin, and making sausage. My best times are in the outdoors and hanging around my smoker. I was born In Germany back in 1949. Came to this great country as an immigrant in the late 50's with my family. We settled in Duluth, Minnesota. I went to Duluth Central High School. After High School i worked for a short while with odd jobs before entering the US Army. Spent 3 years in the Army and returned home to Duluth. I worked at a salt company and the Duluth Steel Plant until it closed down. At that time I moved to the Twin Cities and found work in a meat market and then moved on as a full fledged meat cutter for over 35 years, working for Cubs the majority of the time. I'm married and have two wonderful daughters and 4 grandchildren. I have been making sausage for over 40 years now and love to make sausage we all know and some special batches I've made up over the years. I have cooked all my life and love to use the smoker and my grill. I have hunted and fished the Arrowhead region of Mn. most of my life and have covered the area pretty well. I hope to share what I know and have experienced both in the cooking area and the outdoor area on this site. Thanks for looking. Reinhard

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  1. Kevin P. Cole said:

    Hi Reinhard-Kevin Cole here. Back living in Blaine now.

  2. Kevin P. Cole said:

    when a good time to call you?Like to try some sausage! Get you over here for some great fishing in these ponds.Very underfished because its all private lakes! Many docks and all around shore. later

  3. Hey R1 howes it going, gona look for your C-Bacon brine. love yur site man. real cool!

  4. Question on the Pickled Northern Pike…..for Day 1 the recipe indicates 3/4 coarse salt to 1 quart water. Is that 3 cups (which is 3/4th’s of a quart) or 3/4 cup coarse salt? Thanks much!!

    • It is 3/4 cups of coarse salt [I use Kosher salt] to 1 quart cold water. Sorry I will make that correction. Thanks for pointing it out for me. Reinhard

  5. Anyone know ice thickness on grindstone

    • Chris I was out there with my brother yesterday. Near shore on the west side. I had 14 inches. The public access is packed down for travel and so is the red barn access. Seen a truck out in deeper water but have no idea on the thickness there. Reinhard

  6. I’m just targeting rainbows so should
    Need to go to deep thank you

    • Chris look at my Where to go page and scroll down to Grindstone and i show where to for rainbows and what to use there. Rainbows are normally shallow. I fish in around 6 feet of water. Reinhard

  7. Kevin Cole said:

    Hi Reinhart how are you doing. Down in Az till end of April

  8. end of April need to go to Grindstone anything new there?

    • Nothing open at the end of April there except panfish. I’ve been bugging Pine County for 4 years to dredge the boat landing there and finally last fall they dug it out. So landing a boat is much easier. Probably wont go there till mid or end of May. That’s when the best fishing is. June is best for the big crappies and trout are still shallow near the surface. Nice smallmouth and pike too. Reinhard

  9. thanks save me a spot!!!!

  10. Hi Reinhard. First off I love your site! Im an armature sausage maker and smoker and ive looked at your site a lot for guidance. I noticed a lot of your recipes call for venison. I was wondering what you would use as a substitute for venison? Im assuming a lean cut beef would suffice? I would prefer Venison but I don’t have any this year. Thanks and keep posting man we love recipes!

    • Ya, those are when I have venison also LOL. Substitute would be beef. However depending what type of sausage it is, all pork is good as well. only exeptions would be sticks or smoked summer sausage and sausage like that which would need a leaner mix. Polish, brats, chili dogs smoked, would not need beef and can be all pork. For pork I do use only pork butts. Thanks for the kind words. Comment any time. Reinhard

    • Kevin Cole said:

      Hey Reinhardt how you been! Kevin here. Want to buy you and the wife dinner for the great smoked meat you gave us

      cell 612-940-2647 thanks

      On Tue, Mar 7, 2017 at 4:07 PM, sausageheavenoutdoors wrote:

      > Adam commented: “Hi Reinhard. First off I love your site! Im an armature > sausage maker and smoker and ive looked at your site a lot for guidance. I > noticed a lot of your recipes call for venison. I was wondering what you > would use as a substitute for venison? Im assu” >

  11. Aaron Stoning said:

    Hello, Reinhard. You make a lot of delicious looking food on your site. Gonna try your Canadian bacon recipe. Have a question for you. Have you ever made dried pork, like dried/salted beef? I have a recipe for making dried venison, inject/brine, let air dry, cold smoke, then bring up cooked temp, chill and slice. Just wondering if you have ever tried making it and had any advice. Thanks. Look forward to trying your recipes.

    • Thanks Aaron. I haven’t made dried pork or salted beef. I have made pork jerky and beef jerky. The Canadian Bacon recipe is the most popular. Give it a try. Boneless pork loins are on sale a lot. Reinhard

      • Kevin Cole said:

        hey reiny kevin here hows things?

        On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 5:16 PM, sausageheavenoutdoors wrote:

        > 1949man commented: “Thanks Aaron. I haven’t made dried pork or salted > beef. I have made pork jerky and beef jerky. The Canadian Bacon recipe is > the most popular. Give it a try. Boneless pork loins are on sale a lot. > Reinhard” >

  12. Fall trout fishing. You interested in teaching an old dog new tricks for trout? Ill bring boat and whatever bait is needed

  13. Barry I would not mind that at all. But I don’t have the time this fall. Hunting will be my goal. I’m hoping to get a Grindstone get together again this year and maybe you could come by and we can talk. Good place to learn some tactics. Look forward to meeting you. Reinhard

    • Let me know when. I want to also try this winter. Will it pay to troll shallow soon as the water cools?

      • I will Barry. Yes you can troll shallow for rainbows and browns when the water temps cool down or even out on the deep water near the surface.. The winter season starts Jan. 15 normally and runs through March. So when the ice gets safe enough I will let you know. Reinhard

      • Has the ice started yet? Heard was still open not to long ago

  14. I heard yesterday that there is 4 inches on the south end and 3-5 on the north end. Making ice.

  15. I wont be up there until the week after the opener. Do too my parents being ill. One is in the hospital and the other in a nursing home for recovery. I usually go out from the red barn on the north west side. I have a white dodge truck with rust so not hard to spot. I fish shallow and not far from the landing. I’ll let you know when I go.

  16. Do you happen to have any current ice reports for “The Grind”?

    • As of a week ago I heard reports of 14 inches. That was straight in front out of the red barn access on the drop off. So there should be more now for sure. Reinhard

  17. I haven’t been there but the person who told me the above ice conditions said at that time there were 4 wheelers and snowmobiles running around with folks parking near shore at the time. People are leary of driving early on the grind. We are having very cold temps now and if you went there you would see if they were driving now. I’m waiting till this cold goes away and probably go the week after next. Ice should be building daily from the 14 inches they had over a week ago. Reinhard

    • Thank you for the advice, you have a very unique web page.
      I plan on going Saturday the 27th, I will let ya know how we do.

  18. Thanks!! Just a hobby of mine. I used to moderate a outdoor site and my wife told me to make my own site mainly on cooking and smoking and making sausage but I’m a fisherman and hunter also. Yes let me know. I love that lake. Reinhard

  19. tony zahradka said:

    Have you been to Caddott Lake recently?

    • My brother was there a week ago with his son’s family. Stayed for 4 days. Caught some walleye and good sized perch. One 5 pound northern also. Caddott Lake hasn’t changed much. Walleye population still the same as it was years ago and the perch still are nice sized. Great campground for the family with a nice beach also. Reinhard

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