A great site for those who love to hunt, fish, make sausage, cook, grill, and use that smoker!!


Something I always like to have when I’m fishing are some beef sticks. This time around with a little kick to them. The thing about getting the right amount of heat that you like is not to have too much that you can’t enjoy the flavor of the meal or beef stick in this case. This was the right amount I think for most people, although I can stand a little more. But all who ate them loved them. If you want to learn how to make these go to the Homemade Sausage page and give it a try. Here are some of the pics, but there are more pics in the Homemade sausage page and the step by steps to all of my sausage making.


Here they are stuffed in collagen casings before they get the smoke.



Here are the stick when they are all done. Great color.


Of course the money shot. Like with all sticks, they don’t last long. Give it a try!!!

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