A great site for those who love to hunt, fish, make sausage, cook, grill, and use that smoker!!

The streams for the most part are still full of ice with open spots here and there. Couple of weeks ago the water run off was on top of the ice, and now the water is all under the ice. The rivers are low right now. We need some good rain to get things going.

There are reports of folks catching some loopers and coho off shore. Seems like there are more coho salmon getting caught than loopers [ Kamloops]. The fish are being caught on spawn bags under bobbers, small looper jigs with a waxie or very small spawn bag with a waxie under a bobber. Coho are also being caught with a simple slip-sinker and inflated crawler rig. This is taking place on the Lower North Shore. I’ll be reporting more in coming days and weeks on the steelhead/looper run. My brother fishes for them almost daily up there. I’ll be making some trips up there also soon. More to come, stay tuned.

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