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There are many lakes in Canada as we all know. One lake was always very special to me. White Otter Lake near Atikokan Canada. My dad, brother, and I fished this lake for over 15 years back years ago. This lake is known for it’s great walleye and lake trout fishing. It also has lot’s of smallmouth and some nice pike. For those who have fished this lake a number of times they probably discovered that White Otter is also known for it’s White Otter Castle. Really a fascinating structure built by one man many years ago all by his lonesome. I think I will let the video tell the story of this man in the wilderness and the castle he built. Thanks to Dan who sent me the link. Brings me many memories of the years I spent on this lake. I have some pictures of the times we had on the lake in the Fishing Up North page. Enjoy the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SueKFSvJRDE.

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  1. Dave Hall said:

    I have been on White Otter and visited the castle several times.Very cool place ! My friend has a cabin on the lake right next door – Grey Trout. Did you ever fish Grey Trout ? I still go up there now and then but it has been a couple years since we have been up there with his float plane.

    • Hi Dave!! No, never fished Grey trout. Really love it up there. What surprised me is that White Otter has smallmouth in it now and in good numbers. Never saw or caught in 15 years that I fished it. Well, just one more fish to catch there. Thanks for posting. Reinhard

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