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People can apply for early season spring wild turkey hunting permits now through Friday, Jan. 9, according to the DNR. The spring season, which runs from April 15 to May 28, is divided into eight time periods. Only people age 18 and older who want to hunt during the first three time periods [A-C] need to apply for a spring turkey permit. Permits for the remaining time periods [D-H] can be purchased over-the-counter.

Permits for the last five time periods and youth licenses for anytime period are sold over-the-counter starting March 1. Surplus adult licenses from the first three time periods, if available, are sold starting around mid-March.

“There are a lot of options for hunters. You can apply for an early spring permit or buy one over-the-counter,” said Steve Merchant, DNR wildlife population and regulations manager. “For the second year, we’ve let youth hunt during all of the time periods, which makes it easier to introduce a young person to turkey hunting.” In Minnesota, hunters can hunt wild turkeys in spring and fall, but spring turkey hunting is much more popular. The first spring hunting time period begins on Wednesday, April 15.

Turkeys rear their young after the spring hunting season, and nesting success can influence how many turkeys are present during the fall hunting season that runs from early October through early November. For more information on turkey hunting, see http://www.mndr.gov/hunting/turkey.

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