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Time To Check Deer Area

Every year we go up in late fall to check our deer area for deer signs and do a little grouse hunting as well. This year was no exception. The weather was great and that’s a bonus to add to the enjoyment to “just being there”. Brought the camper up there and set it up in it’s usual spot. It’s an old 1974 Jayco camper that still functions great. Plenty big for our needs.

I was up there with my son-in-law Clay and my brother Ed. Al “the chef” came up us well to help out and bird hunt a bit. We normally start out with a good breakfast to get us started. Some thick sliced home smoked Canadian bacon along with eggs as a side. Nothing fancy, but filling for sure.

Then we head out and check our stand areas. Never know what the years elements can do as far as damage, so it pay’s to check everything out. Everything looked fine this trip, so we spent time bird hunting the remainder of the day and then some the next day before we had to head home. IMG_1201
I set up camp with my trusty camper and put up some chairs for a nice fire later in the day.

The trees held up well and our stands were safe and ready for us to climb this coming firearms season.



After a good day walking the forests a warm fire is built and it’s time to relax with a cold one [or two]. If you get a chance, get up to your hunting area and check it out. Can’t wait to get back up there to hunt for 5 day’s. Buck’s only this year but that’s ok with me. Time to build that herd back up. Love just being there. I’ll have a full report when I get back.

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