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My brother Ed, was up in the Grand Marais area last week and caught his personal best brook trout.  23  inches long and 5 pounds.  Brook trout caught near the mouths of the streams in that area are also known a Coasters.  They spend most of their  time in Lake Superior.  They spawn in the fall, so I think this one was in the river eating the spawn of the steelhead and loopers during their spawning run.  My brother caught the huge brookie on a spawn bag under a strike indicator [bobber].  Ed said ” until I saw the orange deep purple fins, I thought I was fighting a steelhead”.

He also said that he managed to get two clipped and dark fish north of Grand Marais.  Rainbows and Steelhead in all the rivers.  Saw one of the biggest Steelhead, well over 10 pounds spawning with a couple of smaller 5 to 6 pounders in a pool below highway 61.  Some of the action was withing 20 milies north of Grand Marais.  That was supposed to be his last trip up there but Ed said he is going up again next week for some more.  So if anyone is planning to go up to the north shore this week, go to the upper north shore.  North of Silver Bay to the border.

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