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On normal years, the steelhead and Looper spawning run would be in full swing by now.  Because of the colder than normal winter, the spawning run is just getting started but according to my brother, none have been caught according to what he has seen.  He was out over the weekend fishing some streams from the Lester River north to Silver Creek.  All the rivers are running but the mouth’s of the streams are blocked with Ice that has been blown in from the main lake [Lake Superior].

The water in all the streams are still dirty from the spring runoff. Lot’s of snow still in  the woods up there and along the streams including some ice.  So be very careful when walking along the stream edges.  The water is still icy cold.  I’m sure there are some fish in the streams but they are just not biting at this time.  I would wait till next week for better results.  Fish early in the day when the water level is lower.  During the day the snow will melt at a better pace resulting in a higher water level but lower ability to get the bait to the fish.  I hope to be there next week when conditions should be better.

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