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After this winter with many days with consecutive day’s below zero, I’m ready for spring. Officially spring wont be here until March 20th but the upcoming days with temps in the 30’s will feel like spring to me.  A reminder that this Sunday begins daylight savings time.  So set the clocks ahead before you go to bed one hour Saturday night.

The Farmers Almanac predicts a milder than average April and May. They also say that this summer will be warmer to hot and this will run right into fall with a milder fall than normal.  I think it looks like a repeat of last summer if I remember right.  Enjoy the upcoming milder days, we deserve it.

May Have A Way To Kill Zebra Mussels

These silent invaders, the quagga and zebra mussels, have disrupted ecosystems by devouring phytoplankton, the foundation of the marine food web, and have clogged the water intakes and pipes of cities and towns, power plants, factories and even irrigated golf courses.  Daniel P. Molloy, an emeritus biologist at the New York State Museum in Albany, N.Y. has developed a environmentally safe control agent to replace broad-spectrum chemical pesticides.

He discovered a bacterium, that kills the mussels but appears to have little or  no effect on other organisms.The product, Zequanox, has been undergoing tests for several years, with promising results. Zequanox killed more than 90 % of the mussels in a test using tanks of water from Lake Carlos in Minnesota, said James Luoma, a research biologist with the U.S. Geological Survey in La Crosse, Wis.  A control group of freshwater mussels was unharmed. Hopefully this product works and gets these invaders under control or get’s rid of them for good.

Take All The FIsh You Want

The Minnesota DNR has opened up Pelican Lake in Wright County to just about anything as far, as taking fish is concerned through March 9th. The reason: the lake is set up for a winterkill , so many fish will die anyway. Plus, the lake is slated to be drained to encourage duck habitat, so its days as a fishing destination are numbered.  Licensed resident anglers can take for personal use all species of fish, in any quanity and in any manner; except with the use of seines, hoopnets, fyke nets or explosives.  Make sure you respect private property as far as trespassing and keep the lake clean.

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